Awesome Business Transformation VIP (3 Month Package)


The Awesome Business Transformation is a 90 day one-to-one programme with me, Claire Mitchell.

It’s perfect for you if you are serious about growing your business.

It’s tailored to you. It’s hard work. It requires dedication, an investment of time and money AND some scary things you thought you had got away with avoiding.

Interested? Keep reading…

What do we cover?

Well, that’s up to you really.
It is totally focused on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.


When you’re ready to grow your business, it can feel SCARY. So scary, it stops you in your tracks and you lose all direction. Don’t worry. I can work with you to figure out what you want to do and where you want your business to go.

Before you put more time and energy into it, we’ll work together to figure out what you actually want (rather than what the Mind Monkeys are telling you). We’ll make sure you’re doing what’s right for you, something you will love doing and won’t get bored with.  We’ll make sure there is a market for it. We’ll put some numbers behind it, come up with a ‘how to make it happen’ strategy then I’ll kick your bum until you do it. Including the scary things. Especially the scary things.

Social Media Edge

Social media is my thing. I have built big, engaged audiences across all the major social media platforms. You could work with me to build your social media platforms, too.

We will create a social media strategy that taps into your awesomeness and gets your crowd buzzing. We’ll work on raising engagement and creating relationships that turn into leads and sales. We’ll work out where you are best spending your time (not all social media is equal) and we’ll come up with a way to manage it without it taking over your life. There’s a knack to it. I’ve got the knack. And I’ll happily teach you.

Branching Out

It might be that you want to take your business online. Maybe add a teaching or online instruction element to your brand.

We could work together to create your first online programme, from content to tech. We’ll come up with a cracking marketing plan that will start immediately, AGES before you have anything to sell. Maybe you want strategic partnerships, in which case we will identify hot prospects and come up with a win-win game plan. Either way, you’ll have me on your side and in your ear, keeping you right.

Grab Your Pen

If content is your thing then we’re going to give you some OOOMPH.

Whether you want to write a book (I’ve got an Amazon best-seller under my belt), become a serious blogger or just get BETTER at newsletters and articles, I have exactly what you need to get the creative juices flowing. We’ll look at what you already have to work with (there will be more than you think). Then, I’ll work with you to create a CONTENT STRATEGY that will make your writing easier AND turn your writing into profit, too.

Marketing Ninja

I’ve been in marketing for a veeeeeery long time and I know a LOT about it.

Mostly useful stuff, with the occasional random thrown in. You can tap into the recesses of my brain and take what you need. That sounds quite gory. What I mean is, we can work together to come up with a REALLY ,REALLY AWESOME marketing strategy that gets you known by the right people in the right places and leads to SALES. Yay! It will take you out of your comfort zone, but that’s where you will grow – it’s all good!

Does that sound like something you need?

It’s not going to be right for everyone. I suspect you know now whether it’s right for you. 




3 month VIP package with Claire Mitchell. By application only.

Email if you would like to be considered.