Social Media Smarty Pants

Your Ultimate Social Media Shortcut

It’s all very well knowing you need to use social media to build your business but honestly, how does anyone ever have the time?

Twitter-ladyHow on earth do I get people talking on my business Facebook page? Do I need to be on LinkedIn? What the heck is Google+? Does anyone really ever get business from Instagram? And what should I be doing with YouTube? And as for Twitter, well it's like a foreign language?!

I get it. I know exactly how you feel because these are questions I hear every day from ladies in my programmes and on my 89000 strong Facebook page.  

SO.... I decided to help. It’s time you had the answers because NOT KNOWING is HOLDING YOU BACK.

You are missing out on sales. You’re missing out on opportunities. You’re also probably WASTING loads of time on social media right now that isn’t bringing you any business (but a few little tweaks could make all the difference).

It’s time to sort your social media and turn you into a SOCIAL MEDIA SMARTY PANTS

social media smarty pants2

Yvonne Hopkinson of Relaxed Birthing: "I signed up to Social Media Smarty Pants as my knowledge of social media is patchy to say the least! I dabble on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram but I don't really 'get' them. I use Facebook a lot but I wanted to learn more so that I could be more consistent and less ’hit and miss’ with what I achieve. I thought I was pretty clued up on Facebook but this first week has been fantastic. Really back to basics with lots of detail on settings and audience targeting that I hadn't really given much time to before.

I love the post ideas and tips as well. I love the fact that the videos are bite size so it doesn’t matter if I have a quick few minutes whilst the children are playing or longer in the evening there is always content to explore. There are so many materials to work through so I am sure there will be lots more I learn this week. I'm really looking forward to learning about the other platforms as I know very little about them! I love all of Claire’s products I have bought so far and the Social Media Smarty Pants has not disappointed. Clear, easy to understand and such good value for money – it is incredible really!"

Social Media Smarty Pants is my beginner’s social media programme to help you:

Get started

Get started quickly and easily (without having to learn EVERY platform IN DEPTH (can you imagine??)

Your options

Work out which social media options you definitely need to use (and which you can forget about, at least for now)

Your strategy

Come up with a really practical, easy-to-manage social media strategy that works for YOUR business AND you can fit into your busy days

frazzledIt’s for you if

You’re feeling overwhelmed by all the different social media options but you don’t know where to start, it’s giving you a headache just thinking about it but you KNOW you are missing out on opportunities... You don’t know which opportunities or where they are hiding.


Emma Morgan of Original Ecuador: "Before joining Social Media Smarty Pants my FB presence for my business was sporadic and inefficient. After just a few days of following the program I find myself full of ideas, inspired and motivated. I have given my FB page a make-over, have a weekly ‘post plan’ in place, created my first memes and am nearly 50 likes up! The huge support from the other ladies on the course has been priceless. 100% recommend"

Shirley Wardle of Jack and Jill's Wooden Toys and Gifts and Balloon Inspirations" I signed up because I love Claire's courses and my social media time has been limited to dabbling with Facebook. Already I've got ideas for future Facebook posts, and I'm managing to post everyday. That's huge progress!"

Lottie Smith of The Little Cake Tin Hire Co: "I signed up to SPSM to learn more about sustaining and promoting my new micro-business on the different SM platforms... by day I'm a part time primary school teacher and so The Little Cake Tin Hire Co is an extra project but adding two young children into the mix and there's very little time for promoting or marketing! I'm learning how to make the most impact in a short amount of time, how my FB page can become more interactive and really help my customer to feel involved and valued in my business. Lots more to learn but I feel like, even in the first week, it's having a positive impact already."

This is about shortcuts

Finding the quickest, easiest way for you to get business from social media – that’s why we’re using it, after all.
It’s not geeky.
I don’t go into loads of techie detail – you don’t need that right now.
You just need to feel like you know what you’re doing and can make an informed choice about what to use and how.

I give you what you need to know:

Work out where to spend your time and energy on social media.
Get up and running quickly on those you choose to use.
Make the time you spend on social media count.
Turn even 10 minutes a day into leads and customers

Build a big list of ideal customersI’m going to share what you need to know to get up and running

I’m going to share ideas for content – what you need to post and tweet, when and why

I’m going to tell you what works and what doesn’t, without the techie, scary stuff

I’m going to give you tips, advice, tricks and examples for you to try

I’m going to give you planners and tools to make it as easy and quick as possible

You get immediate access to modules on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Google+ to work through at your own pace. In each module you'll find:

A bundle of short, easy teaching videos

on that social media topic to watch when you like

Planners and worksheets

to fill out as you go (easy and quick, not scary ones)

Little challenges

you need to complete and a quiz at the end to test your learning

A couple of email reminders

(little bum kicks without adding to your daily stress)

Facebook-ladyAccess to the Smarty Pants Facebook group

where you will be able to ask questions, share your experiences, test out ideas, brainstorm and get help from me and your fellow students.

This is also where you'll be part of the social media building machine! We're all going to help each other build our chosen platforms - it's magic!

It’s not going to take loads of time.

The videos are short and easy to understand. I’ve designed it so you can just learn a bit at a time, try out what you learned and move on with your new smarty pants knowledge.

Perfect, if you’re busy.

 Alison Reeves - The Bid Writer at Write to Win:  "I've just recently signed up to Claire Mitchell's Social Media Smarty Pants programme and am amazed at how much I am learning and I'm only on week one. I've been saying for ages that I need to figure our a social media plan rather than just a scatter gun approach and this programme really delivers - I can't believe Claire can deliver so much for such a modest investment from me. My business Alison Reeves - The Bid Writer at Write to Win is a service rather than a product and it has it's own challenges when getting it in front of potential clients. I have quite a varied client base and this is perfect for me to figure out what each of my client groups needs to see. I am particularly pleased that I will have access to this information on an ongoing basis and that Claire will be updating the programme as the social media platforms change and adapt. Thank you Claire "

If this sounds like what you’ve been waiting for, then here’s what you need to know.

get your social strategy sorted

We'll look at whom you need to attract and how to attract them. We'll look at which social media platforms you need now and which you can ignore for a while.

We’ll look at how you can mix social media with your other marketing – where it fits and how to get it all working beautifully together with the minimum effort.

be a facebook smarty pants

I'm not going to lie, this module is HUGE and EPIC.

We cover everything from setup basics to getting more like, more engagement, how to use groups, ad basics and ninja tricks. All explained in easy steps you will understand - I promise!

be a twitter smarty pants

It's fast, it's furious but it's also very good if you ever need last minute branded cakes or PR coverage.

It's true! Twitter could be just what you need to build your business. Let me show you what it can do, so you can decide. I know loads of ladies who are getting LOTS of sales from Twitter - you could be, too.

be a pinterest smarty pants

What's the point of Pinterest?

Well if you've ever lost an afternoon starting at beautiful photos of kitchens and shoes, you already know! It's not only addictive, it's also a FAB marketing tool for your business. Let me show you why...

be an instagram smarty pants

Photos? Filters? HASHTAGS? Is it right for me?

Let me explain what it's good for, and not so good for. I'll teach you how to become a photo and video Instagram ninja AND show you how to turn Instagram into sales!

be a googleplus smarty pants

Admit it, you've had an account for years but no clue what to do with it, right? Well, you're not alone - we all did and then Google+ went all techie and weird so we ran away unless we were watching a Hangout. But wait! It's all changed. Hangouts are gone but there's lots of LOVELY, NEW stuff you're going to love - let me show you!

be a linkedin smarty pants

OK, you either love it or hate it but there's more to LinkedIn than meets the eye, so don't knock it till you've tried it! It could be just what you need if you're targeting certain groups of people AND it has some big marketing advantages. Let me tell you why you need to give LinkedIn a chance.

be a youtube smarty pants

It's not just for teenager vloggers and celebs - YouTube is blummin' brilliant for small businesses. Once you get over yourself (which you definitely will once I've got my hands on you) and see the MASSIVE potential YouTube offers for small business you are going to be a video star. Just you wait and see!

plus super helpful bonuses

This is where I stick all my little nuggets of awesomeness that don't fit anywhere else. Whether it's teaching you to create gorgeous graphics, showing you where to get fab free images to use or helping you raise the bar on your Facebook header, you'll find it here! No excuses not to be a Social Media Smarty Pants now!

Gorgeous Online Portal

You'll find everything you need in our easy to navigate online portal.
Dive straight in there and work on the social media platform you need for your business. Easy!

track your progress

With our gorgeous online portal you can track your progress.
Not sure which videos you've watched or where you got up to? No problem! You will automatically pick up where you left off.

complete the challenge

And to test your new Social Media knowledge there is a fun quiz at the end of each module. If you pass, you get AWESOME POINTS to redeem against lovely things.

Jill Unthank of jcu designs:  "Why Smarty Pants? I've been following Claire for sometime now and have enjoyed a few of the free webinars and loved the simple, no nonsense yet light-hearted approach to business. I've joined the course because I see many of my peers using social media much more successfully than I to bring in sales - something that seems to elude me. I thought if I learnt how to approach it differently it may lead to more sales via the different platforms."

Rosemary Dean of Down To Earth Health: I've just recently signed up to Claire Mitchell's Social Media Smarty Pants and am loving it. As a complementary Health practitioner I did a course in Facebook about 4 years ago and have been lovely and busy in the last few years so have just played with it now and again. I realise it has changed quite a bit and I have not kept up so I thought "who do I know that know's about this stuff and for me there was only one answer - Claire Mitchell! Am also enrolled in some of her other courses and summer 2016 is when I get up to speed with taking my business online as well as 1:1. Facebook I have some knowledge but it needs to grow speedily but in bite sized chunks. Twitter and the rest - eeeekkk I'm a novice but in good hands so will learn what i need and know I can come back for more. I love her humour and clear no nonsense way of explaining things. Thank you Claire Mitchell x

You can work through it all at your own pace, in your own time.

I'll send weekly emails showcasing bits of the programme to remind you to keep going, but this isn't to pressurise you - think of it as gentle nudges to make the best use of your investment.

This is about action.
About actually getting it set up and working.
The time for faffing is over.

"I signed up because Claire's material is detailed and thorough, her reminders stop me procrastinating and get results - I listen while I drive" Kathy Waite

Your Net Worth Manager

"I signed up to Social Media Smarty Pants because..... although I manage social media for many of my clients and have great success with interactions etc (because they are mainly product based) I have no idea as to how to get interest in my own business. The main key thing that I've benefited from even so early in is that it's made me find time to concentrate on building my business and identify my super customer!" Bernice Crawshaw

Virtual Finesse - Administration & Business Support

"I joined Social Media Smarty Pants because I am sooooo rubbish when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. However, after my first week, I do feel a little more "in control" and have gained the confidence to explore what will work for my business and how to use social media as a way of promoting myself and my furniture. Looking forward to the next module. Thanks Claire" Katya Adams

Ginger Cat Upholstery

You’ll definitely be a social media smarty pants after this

you might even be so chuffed, you start bragging about your new skills to random people you meet at networking events. Imagine that? I know!

What's it cost?

It's just £399

paid in 6 monthly instalments of £66.50

(Approximate conversions $USD 505, $AUD 658, $CAD 656, 467)

That's it. No renewal fees. Log in when you like. It's yours to keep.



Buy now - 6 payments



Buy now - full payment




I can’t promise but there’s a really good chance that if you get your social media working for you, you could save that money just in wasted time within weeks - not to mention the extra business you could get from becoming a social media smarty pants.

If you like the sound of this and you feel like it’s time to get a grip of social media then sign up here. 

Here’s A Little About Me and Why I Can Help You (I started off with nothing – you’ll love my story!)

I’m Claire Mitchell and I run The Girls Mean Business. I'm also a mum to an 8 year old, Chloe, a wife to Mitch and tamer of our Jack Russell puppy Meg (that's still a work in progress).

When I started out in 2012 I didn’t even have 2 pennies to rub together) and I made every mistake in the book.

Since 2012 I've built up a big, very profitable business (last year I made over £200k profit) working from home, around Chloe's numerous school and social commitments (AKA mum's taxi) and I've done it all teaching what I know and love - business and marketing - to women who are small business owners around the world.

It's been an exciting journey!

I’m a marketing expert AND a business coach – the two things that you DEFINITELY need right now. I’ve got an MBA from the prestigious Durham University Business School and 15 years in corporate marketing working with some of the biggest companies in the UK (so I know my stuff).

More importantly, I’ve run my own business since 2005, coached hundreds of women across the world to turn their businesses around and helped thousands more women business owners through my Girls Mean Business Facebook page. (Over 89,000 of them so far!)

claire and sherylOhhhh and did I mention the team at Facebook asked me to come to Ireland to give my feedback and I met their Chief Operating Officer (author, billionaire and totally awesome woman) Sheryl Sandberg?

She singled out The Girls Mean Business as one to watch, in front of the world's press.

Cool, huh?

And I've spoken at Facebook's UK events, sharing what I know and helping more small business owners. I love it!

I've taught social media for the British Florist Association and the Irish Kinesiology Association just in the last few weeks. 

I've been featured in The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Die Welt, Marie Claire and Closer. I've also had my businesses featured on Radio One, BBC 1's The Apprentice and BBC2.

I love working with women business owners, helping them fulfil their potential and build their business. Until now that was only possible if you bought one of my programmes or signed up an a VIP client, but I understand that's not within everyone's reach.

Are You Up For It?

It's just £399

paid in 6 monthly instalments of £66.50

(Approximate conversions $USD 505, $AUD 658, $CAD 656, €467)

It's worth WAY MORE more than that - I've seen other courses selling for 3X the price but I bet they aren't as useful and fun as this!




Buy now - 6 payments



Buy now - full payment




I signed up to Social Media Smarty Pants as I thought i was pretty good with Facebook but needed some guidance on the other sales platforms. Turns out I was wrong! I realised that I do need help with Facebook too! LOL I am quite a new member of The Girls Mean Business Club and I have watched only a couple of Claire’s videos, but I love her style and she is very clear in her explanations.

I am really enjoying the course and I also love the fact that the videos are broken down into short sections so not too much information overload at once and I can dip in and out when I have the time to. I also love that Claire is so fantastic at answering any queries we have. I now understand my Facebook page more and what I should be posting and when and where to find things that I never contemplated using or knew existed. I can’t wait for the next modules as I definitely need help on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Jo Jenkinson

Hewson & Nash

I signed up to Social Media Smarty Pants as I’ve just launched a new biz and want to get to grips with other social media channels, not just Facebook. I thought I was pretty Facebook savvy but having completed those modules, I have learnt soooooo much. I love how Claire has broken the information down into bite size chunks, with video. Being able to download the video clips is brilliant as I can watch them in a pop-out and make the changes on my page at the same time.
And if we have a query that’s not covered, Claire has put together another video clip for us – brilliant service!
I’ve bought other products from Claire in the past and have always been very happy with the information and support given.

This has to be the most amazing value for money though – another reason why I chose this course above any other. I’m delighted with everything so far and can’t wait for the next module to be released.”

Dani Rixson

Cwtch Blwch

I’ve just recently signed up to Social Media Smarty Pants as although I can manage Facebook, I realise I’m wasting time by not using it correctly, I also want to introduce my business to other social media sales platforms which I have little knowledge of.

I joined because I want to maximise my chances of success and build my little business into something great, I’m enjoying the videos, tips and working through the modules 

Janet Knowles

The Willow Wood Fairy

“I joined social media smarty pants for 3 reasons:

1. I loves Claire’s work – bite sized chunks, no fluff and honest!
2. As much as I think I know facebook and other platforms, they are constantly changing so having an updateable resource will be massive.
3. having 2 businesses, Skin So Pure and Business for Busy Mums, which are totally opposite can be confusing and time consuming at first but being focused on my social media activity means I won’t be wasting time or running in circles! 
I know have 2 marketing plans that are specific, efficient and scaleable.
This is my 5th course from claire – safe to say I’m addicted, her approach, methods and personality all packaged up into affordable training”

Chelle Clarke

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