Welcome to the Awesome Business Club

I created the Awesome Business Club because being in business can be lonely.

It’s tough when you work alone and you have nobody to ask if you get stuck. It’s sad when you have something to celebrate but nobody you know would understand. It’s tricky when you want to brainstorm or gauge opinion or test an idea but you work at home, by yourself.

If you feel like this, The Awesome Business Club is just what you need.

So what is the Awesome Business Club?

Let’s get one things straight right away. It’s not a cliquey club.

It’s just the opposite. If you’ve got a full-time business, if you’ve got a part-time business, if you’re just starting out or even if your business is just a big dream in your head – you’ll find help, support and advice in the Club. It’s good like that.

It’s a fantastic business resource.
Every month you get your members-only POWER PACK on a key business or marketing topic. Each POWER PACK includes a comprehensive class, broken down into easy-to-understand sections full of examples and ideas you can use right away in your business as well as worksheets and extra resources to fast-track your learning.
You get a monthly group Q&A call with me
Where you can pick my brains and ask me questions about your business. I’ve been in marketing for a looooong time and I’ve been coaching business owners for 8 years. I’ve been featured in the Huffington Post, The Guardian, Essentials Magazine, Marie-Claire and Closer. I’ve been on Ireland AM (on the telly!!). Facebook invited me over to Dublin to be a member of their Small Business Client Council. That means I’ve worked with a lot of different businesses. And when it comes to marketing, I know my stuff. And you could be getting my help on your business.
There are built-in nudges, yays and encouragement.
I WANT you to work through your POWER PACK every month and let your business feel the benefit, so I’ve designed the Club to help you do that. You can see where you’ve got to every step of the way – we show you your progress. If you only get part way through the class and then get called away, you can restart watching it right where you left off. It’s clever like that. There’s a little quiz at the end of each module to help make sure you grasped the key concepts. It’s easy if work through the materials. And if you pass, you get points. And points make prizes. You can collect AWESOME POINTS and redeem them against virtual and real goodies. That’s cool, huh?
It’s a gift. Every month.
Yes, you read that correctly. Each month we send you a little something in the post to say ‘thank you’ for being a member of The Awesome Business Club, to say ‘you’re awesome’, to say ‘keep going!’. We do this because there are too many boring bills in your morning mail and not enough loveliness. We want to change that.

If you could put everything together that would...

stop you feeling alone

make you feel supported

give you more confidence

provide you a with safe place to learn

give you really practical, easy-to-understand marketing resources that will help you grow your business

AND give you a head start in business

You would come up with The Awesome Business Club.


That’s why I created it. For you.

It’s also affordable because it needs to be accessible to the people who need it most. People like you.

For all this awesomeness it’s just £19.99 per month.

You can stay for one month or stay forever. It’s your decision. There are no tricky hidden rules or small print to catch you out. You get what you need and when you want to leave, you leave. It’s easy.

Obviously I’d LOVE you to stay forever so those AWESOME POINTS I mentioned earlier? Well the longer you stay, the more of those you get. And remember, points make prizes!

So, if this sounds like something you need or just something that sounds like a fun thing to be a part of, you can join here. We’ll get your lovely welcome gift out to you within 2 weeks and you’ll receive your first gift the month after you join.

I want in!

Join Today and Get This Month's Awesome Power Pack
AND a special FREE Gift!

Blogging for business
Power Pack*

This month’s Power Pack is designed to get you blogging, even if you’ve never blogged before or you have tried, and given up in disgust. 

In just over 90 minutes I teach you why blogs are great for your business. We look at the different types of blogs out there and I share some examples, so you understand what I mean. We’ll look at what you could write about and I share lots of methods of coming up with ideas – one of them will unstick you! I show you how to structure a blog (it’s easy), how to promote it and also we’ll touch on guest blogging and outsourcing. 

It’s a jam-packed class, broken down into sections so you can fit it in around your busy life. As usual you get a lovely workbook to go with it. 

Dive in and make peace with blogging – it could be just the edge your business needs.

*Power Pack released 1st May

Brilliant Blog Planner

Each month we send you a little something in the post to say ‘thank you’ for being a member of The Awesome Business Club.

This month we have created a brilliant blog planner for you to easily plan the structure and breakdown of each blog and really crack blogging for your business.

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