Wowser! A 4-Part Marketing Planner System Designed For Awesome Women Business Owners - is that YOU?

Get your 4-part Planner system for just £34.99 + P&P

Oooh Yes Please!

(Online only version available here)


Why? Because, unlike most planners out there (those you keep ditching) it's not just a book. 

It's not just an online hub with materials.

It's not just accountability tools and reminders.

It's not just a supportive Facebook group, so you never feel alone.

It's all 4. But awesomer. (I know it's not a word, but it is now)

Let me explain: I've worked in marketing since 1993. I realise you may not even have been born then, which makes me feel a little old but what I've learned over all those years is this: Everyone knows they need marketing but hardly anyone does it regularly.

Most people have really good intentions but then they get busy, life takes over and marketing gets pushed to the back of the queue because, well, that's life!

Oh, and did I mention marketing can be very confusing, sometimes expensive and frustratingly time consuming for very little reward. If you're doing it wrong.

OR it can be an amazing part of your business that brings you lovely customers who spend lots of money, regularly and help you build a business you love and that pays you well.


PART 1: Your Beautiful A5 Planner*

A very practical but extremely gorgeous A5 marketing planner book that will
make you smile every time you see it - AND that you will actually USE!

It's hardback and spiral bound to withstand life in your handbag / car / house without falling to bits.

It's made with extra-thick paper that is lovely to write on, fab to doodle on and perfect for colouring.

It's got a pink place marker ribbon so you can open your planner right where you left off.

It's got a pink elastic to hold it closed (even when you've stuffed a month's receipts, some pizza coupons and 16 random business cards in there).

*all pictures are artist's impressions - details may differ slightly on the real thing.


The Planny Stuff >>

At the front of your Marketing Planner book you'll find 10+ pages dedicated to helping you grow your business.

I cover business planning, targets and goals, Super Customers, Sales Trains, Social Media, Marketing Planning, Mind Monkeys and more. I've made it easy to understand (I know you're too busy to go looking stuff up) and so you can get up to speed SUPER FAST, I've added LOADS of helpful extra videos, cheat sheets, extra planner sheets and downloadables in the second part of your system, the Planner Portal (more about that in a mo).

Fab Marketing Tips >>

At the start of every month you get a page of fab marketing tips to inspire and motivate you, a lovely colouring page designed by my totally awesome graphic designer, Katherine Reynolds, a month to view page to give you the big picture and a Money & Monthly Focus page.

Super useful calendar >>

open-hardbook-planner400Every week in your planner you get:

  • a double page calendar spread with time slots for appointments and daily 'to do' section,
  • a 'top priorities for that week' section,
  • a 'scary thing I'm going to do this week'  section,
  • a doodly notes section,
  • an 'Oops! Carry forward to next week' section,
  • a selection of random challenges and a few little surprises,
  • a mini month's calendar with that week highlighted
  • AND a lovely quote to inspire and motivate you.

Social Media Planner >>


Each week you also get a gorgeous social media planner page and a notes and doodle page so the genius thoughts in your brain can be safely captured before they are lost forever.

Plan ahead >>

At the back you'll find a 2018 spread to help you plan ahead while you wait for your next Awesome Marketing Planner System as well as some more little goodies I think you'll love.

PART 2: The AWESOME planner portal

This is where the added awesome comes into play. Because there is only so much you can fit in a 280 page planner and because a bigger planner might break your favourite handbag and cause sore shoulders, we decided to add all the things you definitely need into your very own online Planner Portal.

It's somewhere you can log in, find teaching videos to help you make the most of your planner book, help yourself to extra planner sheets, downloadable cheat sheets, colouring sheets and other fabulous goodies and TAKE PART IN CHALLENGES AND COMPETITIONS! There's nothing like a bit of competition to keep you motivated in your marketing!

I'll give you seasonal marketing hints and tips throughout the year.

And we'll have a monthly prize draw to win a lovely prize which may or may not be cake.


starsOoh, you're going to love this. When you log into the Online Planning Portal you'll be able to earn Awesome Points for watching teaching videos, completing challenges, being good at colouring (I know you're a colouring ninja) and lots of other cool stuff - it's all designed to get you to keep coming back because when you keep coming back, it means you're working on your marketing.

And that deserves rewards, obviously. And points make prizes - you'll be able to save up your points and earn goodies. Yay!

PART 3: Bum-Kicking Emails

emailIf having the most gorgeous marketing planning book AND the most amazing, goodie-filled, prize-packed online planning portal wasn't enough to keep you interested, motivated and using your planner then this could make all the difference.

Every week you'll get an email from me. I'll let you know what's new in the Planner Portal, I'll send you seasonal tips to help you with your marketing, I'll share examples of great marketing and I'll remind you to do some marketing. Every week. Even just a tiny bit. I'll nag, I'll kick your bum and I'll help you realise you're not alone.

But mainly I'll kick your bum and make sure you don't ignore your marketing. 'K?

PART 4: The Facebook Group

facebook-ladyYou'll be invited to my super-special Awesome Planner Group on Facebook where you can hang out with other awesome business owners just like you.

Those competitions and challenges I mentioned earlier? Some of them will take place in the group, as I'll need you to upload pics. Nuff said. And you can join that pretty much right away.

So, are you in?

Oh, you want to know how much it costs?

Well, obviously it's worth about a zillion pounds because, let's face it, how often does a planner make you feel like this? Excited? Happy? A bit squealy? I know! I feel that way too!

But instead of a zillion pounds, it's £34.99 plus P&P

For a whole year's planner system - a book, a planner portal, a Facebook group and bum-kicking emails. Bonkers!

Ooh, yes please! Send me mine

Want to save on postage costs?

A few people have asked if they can buy the planner book as a downloadable PDF and print it themselves to save on postage costs (particularly non-UK ladies).

We have put together an online-only version of the 2017 Awesome Marketing Planner System  - it's £17.50 and gives you access to the whole system, right away. Be aware that the pages are full colour and will use up a lot of ink, so it may work out more expensive than the print version even including postage.


Buy the online only planner system


Why Listen to Me?

I know a LOT about small business marketing and I know what you need.

I’m Claire Mitchell - I’m a business teacher and an author. I’ve got an MBA from the prestigious Durham University Business School, I’ve been in marketing since 1993 and I’ve been running The Girls Mean Business and helping women grow their business since 2012, so I know my stuff.

Thousands of women have learned about marketing & sales and got GREAT results from my blogs, e-books, classes and courses - they’ve also got more confidence, more focus and a PLAN. What’s not to love?

I’ve been featured in the Huffington post, Marie-Claire, Essentials, Closer and the Guardian. I’ve appeared on Ireland AM, The Apprentice UK, on BBC 2 and Radio One. Facebook invited me to be an inaugural member of their Small Business Client Council. I’ve written one book (SOS- Business Mum’s Survival Guide To The School Holidays) and I’ve got several more up my sleeve (well, in my head and on my computer actually) so watch this space!


If you order yours now you will get yours in December.

And it's JUST £34.99 for a whole year's planner system!

Oooh Yes Please!

(Online only version available here)

Delivery & Legal Stuff: Planners are currently leaving us within 2 working days of order. They are sent second class and generally arrive with you within 2-3 days of despatch if you are in the UK or Europe. If you're further afield it takes around 10 days from despatch. You will receive an 'order complete' email once they leave us.

We give you access to your beautiful online Planner Portal while you wait for your little addition to the family to arrive, safe and sound. If you don't get your welcome email with the portal login, please email

Also, if we sell more than we anticipate, we may need to put in an extra print run, which will impact timings by a couple of days.

OK? Great. We've kept the postage and packing at cost - it's £2.99 for UK shipping and then whatever the postage cost is (plus 50p for the packaging) to your part of the world, if you're outside the UK. We hope you think that's fair.

Refund Policy: Under UK law you have 14 days from receipt of the planner to change your mind. We have described this product to the best of our ability, so you can make an informed decision. If, when it arrives, you don't love the planner book, please return it in its original, unused, sellable condition at your own cost to:

Serious Businesswomen Ltd, PO Box 347, Darlington DL1 9QH - United Kingdom. Email with enquiries about this.

Upon receipt of the planner we will refund you the full cost of the planner system and the original shipping costs. Returns are at your own expense. Please get proof of posting or we will not be able to refund, if your return does not arrive with us.

This does not affect your statutory rights.

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavour, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.