Marketing Success Camp


(affordably, and in one place)

Are you sick of buying courses you never get time to watch?

Or you get part-way through and life gets in the way, so you never benefit from them?

Or you see courses you know you need but they are way out of your price range right now?


I’m a home-schooling mum and a business owner and time is precious but that doesn’t mean I can’t grow my business.

It just means I need to do it differently.

What does ‘differently’ look like?

How about having every course and class you will ever need to help you market and grow your business in ONE PLACE at an affordable price?

What if you could watch whatever topic you need, whenever you like, as often as you like and you can cancel and rejoin when you like.

What if you could watch them on your phone, tablet or computer WITH THE SOUND OFF as all classes have captions (Oh yes, I knew you’d like that)

What if there were beginner’s classes and more advanced classes so you can keep building your knowledge as your business grows?

And sections on every aspect of business and marketing that a small business with big ambitions could needfrom copywriting and websites to all the big social media platforms, to building your email list (in a GDPR-friendly way), email marketing, pricing, blogging, targets, SUPER customers, confidence, bundles for business mums and more.   Wouldn’t that be great? Well, I have brilliant news for you!


£37 = $52 USD, $66 CAD, $67 AUD, €42 (approx)


Yes, you read that right! Just £37 to join the Marketing Success Camp, otherwise known as

‘all the marketing and business help you could possibly need in one place for one affordable monthly membership subscription’.

Yes, that.

You can join for £37 today and see if it’s for you.

If it isn’t, all you have to do is cancel your monthly subscription – we’ll remind you 3 days before it’s due to end and then the day before too, so you don’t get accidentally caught out (we don’t like people who do that to us either).

What is the Marketing Success Camp?

It’s a wonderful place full of amazing business owners like you where you can:


Pick a topic you need help with. Take a class or course on it. Implement it. Repeat!


Brainstorm. Get help and support. Take part in business-building challenges. Stay accountable. Get to know loads of amazing new businesses – who knows what could happen? It’s magical in the Marketing Success Camp!


You can read about me, Claire, a little further down the page and I’ll be available to chat to in my monthly Campfire Business Clinic calls and in the Facebook group. You can pick my brains, get unstuck and get my insights and advice on your awesome business.

What sort of things do you get in the Marketing Success Camp?

Awesome classes and courses, for starters.

Some are brand new, others are OBG (oldies but goodies) and include some of my best-selling courses from the last couple of years, such as Supercharge Your Sales.

Supercharge Your Sales is an awesome 7-part course for anyone who wants to SELL MORE STUFF even if you are scared stiff of selling. It gets amazing results and it’s fun. Oh and when I sold it in my shop it cost £399 And you get it as part of your monthly membership

Then there’s my amazing Fast-Track Your Business course. When I used this as a promotion for another course over 2000 people watched it and they went MAD for it. They were devastated when I took it down. And now you can access it in the Marketing Success Camp as part of your monthly membership.

These are the courses I just added and they are getting rave reviews!


I’m going to be adding more courses and classes and bundles every week and by Summer 2018 there will be 36 business and marketing topics, each containing my best teaching in the form of awesome classes and courses and resources. Oh and there are also:

  • Awesome Star rewards redeemable in my shop for GOODIES!
  • Worksheets and printables
  • Cheat sheets and guides
  • Monthly ‘Campfire Business Clinic’ calls with Claire
  • An exclusive members-only Facebook group
  • Weekly challenges and business-growth tips
  • Tips Tent section full of short how-to videos
  • Access to all mini-courses and OBG (oldies but goodies) courses

*We are adding more content each week – initially not all 36 topics will be available but by the end of July 2018 we will have ALL the core content in there.

Want in? Great!

It’s JUST £37 per month for ALL THIS!

(less than £1.22 per day for a marketing goldmine!)

All these courses, resources, support and more AND I’ll be adding more. What’s not to love? You will see what’s coming on our Camp Calendar so you can plan ahead. It’s perfect for you, you busy bee.

Important Stuff




£37 is approximately $52 USD, $68 AUD, $67 CAD or €42. Exchange rates vary, please check before you buy.


OK let’s get into the detail

The Marketing Success Camp is a monthly membership You get access to ALL the content while you are a member You can pick ‘n’ mix according to your level You can cancel when you like (but you will lose access) If you rejoin you can pick up your account where you left off.

What sort of topics do we cover? Well, it might be better to ask what we DON’T cover because it’s pretty comprehensive. Basically, it’s everything you need to market and grow your small business. We have plans for over 36 topics each containing mini-courses plus some bigger courses (some of my best-sellers) but on Day One when we launch we can guarantee you will have access to at least 5 courses with more being added throughout the month and up to the Summer of 2018. At the moment you can access

  • Facebook Ads For Beginners (£99)
  • Supercharge Your Sales (£399)
  • Fast Track Your Business (priceless, really!)
  • 30 Days To Boost Your Biz (£199)
  • GDPR Basics by Data Protection expert Lesley Cooley
  • Create With Canva (£47)
  • Social Media Smarty Pants (£399)
  • Business Mum’s Holiday Bundle (£25)

And over the next few weeks and months I’m going to be adding brand new mini-courses and classes including:

  • Facebook Engagement Masterclass
  • Google Analytics For Beginners
  • SEO Basics
  • Your First Launch
  • Fill Your Classes
  • Sales Pages Made Easy
  • How To Write A Book
  • Get More Confidence In Your Business (and life!)
  • Sales Funnels For Beginners
  • Pricing For Profit
  • Creating Your First Coaching Package
  • Avoiding Overwhelm
  • Get Started Blogging

Going forwards I’ll be covering LOADS MORE TOPICS including list-building, e-marketing, networking, copywriting, websites, productivity, VIP days, podcasting, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, videos and anything else marketing-related you can think of, really!

Finally, later in the year I’m going to add some sector-specific marketing training for virtual assistants, florists, crafters, service businesses, therapists, coaches, local businesses, bricks & mortar businesses, beauty businesses, photographers and more.

PLUS you get access to our amazing Facebook group which is full of fantastic resources

AND you get our weekly Campfire News email on a Saturday to keep you up to date with what’s new and what’s coming soon in the Marketing Success Camp.


So, is it for you? Want to give it a try?

I think you will love it and you are about a million times more likely to actually GET STUFF DONE when you can watch and work through it with me.

Here’s A Little About Me and Why I Can Help You (I started off with nothing – you’ll love my story!)

I’m Claire Mitchell and I run The Girls Mean Business. I’m also a mum to an 9 year old, Chloe, a wife to Mitch and tamer of our Jack Russell puppy Meg (that’s still a work in progress).

When I started out in 2012 I didn’t even have 2 pennies to rub together and I made every mistake in the book.

Since 2012 I’ve built up a big, very profitable business working from home, around Chloe and I’ve done it all teaching what I know and love – business and marketing – to women who are small business owners around the world.

It’s been an exciting journey!

I’m a marketing expert AND a business coach –  two things you DEFINITELY need right now. I’ve got an MBA from the prestigious Durham University Business School and 15 years in corporate marketing working with some of the biggest companies in the UK (so I know my stuff).

More importantly, I’ve run my own business since 2005, coached hundreds of women across the world to turn their businesses around and helped thousands more women business owners through my Girls Mean Business Facebook page. (Over 89,000 of them so far!)

Ohhhh and did I mention the team at Facebook asked me to come to Ireland to give my feedback and I met their Chief Operating Officer (author, billionaire and totally awesome woman) Sheryl Sandberg?

She singled out The Girls Mean Business as one to watch, in front of the world’s press. Cool, huh?

And I’ve spoken at Facebook’s UK events, sharing what I know and helping more small business owners. I love it! I’ve been featured in The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Die Welt, Marie Claire and Closer. I’ve also had my businesses featured on Radio One, BBC 1’s The Apprentice and BBC2.

I love working with women business owners, helping them fulfil their potential and build their business.

Until now that was only possible if you bought one of my programmes or signed up an a VIP client, but I understand that’s not within everyone’s reach.

But the Marketing Success Camp IS!

Want in? Great!

It’s JUST £37 per month for ALL THIS!

All these mini-courses, resources, support and more AND I’ll be adding more. What’s not to love? You will see what’s coming on our Camp Calendar so you can plan ahead. It’s perfect for you, you busy bee.*

Important Stuff


£37 is approximately $52 USD, $68 AUD, $67 CAD or €42. Exchange rates vary, please check before you buy.

For me the Marketing Success Camp is everything I need (in one place) to move my business forward over the coming months. (In fact I am just going through now and unsubscribing from other pages that I get lots of emails from.)

It’s come at just the right time. I’ve been a fan of Claire Mitchell’s work for several years and have used her marketing planner since the first one came out in 2017.

The Marketing Success Camp really does help you focus on the things that are important to you; whether it’s working out how to use Canva, how to get the best from Facebook ads, how to determine your super customer etc so you can work through the areas that you need to in a timely fashion.

What I love even more is that the videos are short! I prefer to watch 5 minute video clip here and a 10 minute video clip there rather than an hour video clip in one go. It really works for me and I can implement what I’ve learnt pretty much straight away. I have very high hopes that this is really going to turn things around for me (not that things aren’t great at the moment, but I know that things are going to get so much better!!).

It’s also great that Claire is heavily involved in the Facebook group and more than happy to offer her expertise, as well as having access to a whole host of other experienced people who can share their views/opinions too! Thanks Claire!

Kath Routledge

Relax Kids Basingstoke

I’m a Maternity Reflexologist and Hypnobirthing Teacher. What I’ve learned most from Claire is about pricing my services. I used to cut my prices frequently with a ‘scattergun’ approach, out of desperation. However, some of the clients I was attracting were just hopping from one cheap deal to another with different practitioners, and I couldn’t build up a solid client base. The difference now is that I stick to my guns with what I charge – I actually charge more than my nearest competitors and the clients I attract now are not price-sensitive – they prefer to go for a quality service and are happy to pay my prices.

Catherine Lee

Maternity Reflexologist

I love the accessibility of the advice and the format that the advice is delivered in. Things are broken down into bite size chunks that I can understand and implement easily and the flexibility of being able to access Claire’s videos whenever is suits ME has been invaluable. In the past Ive found staying motivated and engaged with the business side of things difficult but with Claire’s resources it’s so much easier.

Lisa Venables Wells

Wellbeing Reflexology Massage

I love all of Claire’s courses, everything you need for your business under one roof.

I’ve tried other business clubs in the past but there is nothing like this! Everything is easy to understand and you can go through it all at your own pace.

Andrea McCormack

Star Creations Co

With Claire’s help, I am learning about things like marketing that are never covered when you qualify in your chosen therapy

Ann Cutcliffe

Massage Therapist

Claire’s programmes have taken away the loneliness. There’s always someone on board to help, suggest or point you in the right direction. We are one big happy family really and mamma Claire Mitchell keeps us focussed and on track x

Lynne Bartle

The Marketing Success Camp is helping me put in solid foundations for my business to succeed. All the information I need is there in bite sized chunks so I can work at it around my family and business commitments. Claire’s style is no-nonsense, friendly and inspiring. It’s given me and my business the bum-kick I needed!

Gem Durbin

In the Marketing Success Camp everything is explained in an completely unscary way and after Claire’s videos you actually believe you can do it. Then you do it and everybody in the group cheers. I wish I had known that marketing was that much fun, I would have joined Claires courses sooner!

Ronja Jurgens

I’ve stumbled for years trying to start my business but this course has given me confidence, advice and knowledge to really go for it. Easy to follow and there when you need it.

Catherine March

Stitches From The Sofa

Claire’s teaching is making me go back to the beginning and redreaming after my personal life has been turned upside down. Angelic Mamas is my passion and has my heart and soul in it and has to succeed.

Dreaming BIG is what I have needed to do for the last couple of months and instead I have been licking my wounds and putting it off and generally procrastinating but now I know I need to refocus…just by dreaming big and writing down my milestones it has helped me to refocus. It is also proving for me that the wisdom I have learnt from Claire Mitchell can be reapplied over and over again and for me helps get rid of the mind monkeys and helps me grow in confidence once more.

Lots of work to do but I have got this as does everyone else in this group. Together we stand and together we will succeed – and will be awesome SUCCESSFUL Business Owners xx. Thank you from the bottom of my heart I wont waste the knowledge I have learnt from you I wont let you down and I will succeed xxxx.

Michelle Wilkinson

Angelic Mamas

I love Claire’s Marketing Success Camp. The bite-size chunks of information make it easy to fit in around my day-to-day activities and, when I have longer spells, I can mix and match the items. The tie in with the Facebook Group is great for testing out ideas before launching them to my wider business network. The encouragement received is fabulous too!

Rhona Barton

RB & Associates Ltd

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