It can be really TRICKY to grow a CRAFTY BUSINESS

It’s hard knowing what to charge

It’s frustrating to know what will sell and what won’t

It’s difficult to get enough profit to live on

You don’t have enough TIME in the day to do everything

It’s SCARY having to ‘sell’ yourself

There are people undercutting you all over the place

Your confidence gets knocked regularly

And all you want is…



So you don’t have to scrimp and save

So you don’t have to stay in the job you hate

So you don’t have to keep defending your ‘expensive hobby’

So you have a PROPER BUSINESS.

That makes money and everything. Yay!

How hard can it be to have a crafty business that actual gives you a salary? Hmm?

OK come into my huddle while I whisper…

“What you need is a plan – actually 2 plans in one
An ‘Escape’ Plan and A ‘Success’ Plan”

A plan to escape from the ‘hobby business’ life and turn it into a proper, profitable business

And a success plan

A plan to let you do what you love

Every day

And make a good living from it

Without you falling out of love with it because it’s so HARD and FRUSTRATING trying to UNDERSTAND THIS WHOLE BUSINESS THING, darn it!

OK, OK, don’t panic! I have lovely news – I’ve got just what you need.


And it’s going to change your business and your life.

Here’s why

You’ll think differently. You’ll act differently. You might even start standing up for yourself if someone asks for a discount! Imagine! 

You will get your MODULES DRIP-FED to you, a few days apart. This is so you don’t get overwhelmed. Also there is homework to do (don’t panic) and I want you to work through the modules AND COMPLETE THEM in the right order, so you get the MOST BENEFIT from your learning .

There are changes you need to make to your business if you are going to get out of your current situation and into making a proper living. Learning about these changes and putting them into practise is better if we tackle them a bit at a time.

You have a business to run, after all. 

We’re going to cover ALL THESE THINGS:


What’s the dream? What’s it going to take? How feasible is that?
What changes do you need to make? We’re going to take a proper look at where you are now and work out how to get to where you want to be, and by when.


Pricing and profit, costs and credit control, forecasting and cashflow – we’re tackling ALL the scary stuff and taking away the fear. Being confident about money in your business is MASSIVE – and you’re so close!


We’re going to look at what is selling and what is not selling, and what you can do about it. We’re talking profit margins, tricky decisions and easy options. Time for some tough love.


Those Mind Monkeys need to go – we’re going to make you confident in yourself and your business. You’ll learn that you’re more than good enough. It’s time you realised how awesome you are – let me show you!


There’s a lot packed into this module. We’re going to talk websites and list building, events, images, words and best customers. I’m going to share my top marketing tips and secrets to help you fly.


An overview of the VISUAL social media platforms that work so well for crafty businesses. We’ll look at what works and why, whether to spend money on ads and how to capitalise on your beautiful makes.


How to make YOUR stuff stand out in the busy market place – we’ll touch on Etsy, etc; we’ll look at selling on social media, websites and in person. It’s not difficult, your lovely things will sell themselves when you get the hang of this.


Time, money, sales, social media. We’ll create a success plan and work out how to make it happen. We’ll tackle your fears and worries and come up with something you know you can achieve.


You’ve got the plan. You’ve got the knowledge. Time to get stuck in. I’ll share some top tips and tricks to keep you moving forward and get you through tough days. We can do this!

We’ll look at the scary things you’ve been avoiding and I’ll make them REALLY EASY so it’s not scary any more.

I know this is a big step for you. That’s why I’ll make it super easy and comfortable.
And you’ll have support from other crafters in the Facebook group.

Whether you want to leave your job and go full time into your Crafty Business or you just want to make more money with the hours you have,

if you’re prepared to put in a few hours of learning I’ll share what you need to know to make it happen.

Get Crafty Business School for just £150

or 6 monthly payments of £25

Early bird pay in full – £150

Early bird 6 monthly payments – £25


The course will be made up of videos and worksheets, broken down into easy to digest sections. You can watch it when you like, as often as you like, in your own time and at your own pace.


There’s a lovely Facebook group where you can chat, share ideas, ask for help and network with other Crafty girls.


And for 3 months I’ll send you a weekly crafty nudge by email to keep you on track and encourage you to visit the online Crafty Portal.

I’m really excited about Crafty Business School.

I know it’s needed because I see SO many women making THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS and yet, struggling to make any money.

I promise it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re ready to learn how to turn your hobby into a business, join me in Crafty Business School and let’s make it happen. Oh, and here’s what some of my crafty ladies have said about my other programmes…

Claire’s down to earth approach to the business side of my business has been invaluable.

As a creative person the nitty gritty business details were getting shoved to one side and ignored. Claire has made it all easy to understand and implement, making the scary bits manageable and on occasion even fun!

Theodora Gould
Theodora Gould Jewellery

I’m a crafter, that’s my area of expertise. But if you want to sell things you need to be a photography, a marketer, social media expert, e-commerce professional, packaging expert and more!

The Marketing Planner and portals have helped me to wear these various hats with confidence and turn my hobby into a thriving business. Claire gives you the tools you need and the confidence to do it. Thank you Claire

Zoe Horsefield

All I want to do is design and create my product and never knew there was so much other “stuff” I needed to learn about and do as part of running a business.

Not my favourite thing and rather overwhelming! But with Claire’s help and all that goes with it, it’s not so scary. It’s great to have so much info all in one place and have found it so helpful.

Catherine Crook
Cathy’s Tasty Wedding Cakes

I saw an advert for Claire’s Awesome Marketing Planner one day on my Facebook feed and decided it might be helpful. It was more than helpful; I saw how it started to change not just my business but the way I saw it.

So I took the next step and joined the awesome business club and it was like magic. My business is growing and I feel like a real business I know where I’m heading and how to get there. I’ve just purchased social media smarty pants and now knowing the magic of Claire’s easy to understand programs it was a no-brainer. The support from the groups is priceless and the courses make all those scary things in business make sense.

It’s turned my very expensive hobby into an actual business. Claire is like my businesses fairy godmother helping me make my dreams for it come true.

Hannah Barber
Tillypips And Boo

I’m an visual artist. I started out watching the videos and found the advice really helpful and easy to understand and when I joined the club I found really helpful people in the Facebook group and really great classes and now I feel I’m really moving forward.

I now have great tools and much more confidence in myself and my business.

Vos Art

I’m a Milliner based on the East Coast of Scotland, Claire is my Business Buttkicker!

She is always right on the money with sound advice, helping my to find my niche market and ideal customer and to confidently charge what my products are worth. When I have moments of self-doubt I can count on Claire to be there with words of support and a good butt kicking if needed!

Lisa Jones
Off With Her Head Millinery

I make jewellery and until now I was plodding along adding a listing here and there and occasionally popping something on social media (when i could remember).

I didn’t do much with my website and was using AdWords to generate traffic. Since signing up with Claire everything has changed. I now post on social media every day, I’ve quit AdWords and saved a fortune because I’m getting traffic to my website through posting. I’ve got new ideas popping out from all over the place and new ranges of jewellery and I’m completely focused on my end goal. I never would have done this without the Claire’s teaching and the website to show me the way.

Lynn Whitehouse
Lynn’s Gem Creations

The planner and all the fantastic information that I’ve received in the various business clubs have taught me so much and turned my (very) expensive hobby into a thriving business which is growing by the day.

So, thank you Claire for all your wisdom you’ve taught me so much! Xx

Sue McKenna
The Maldon Soap Company

I’m a baker who also ‘makes’ (cupcake bouquets, so in my view it is more than baking alone and I definitely view it as hand-crafting). I am a member of your Awesome Business Club and I can, without a shadow of a doubt, say that your tutorial videos and workbooks have been an asset to my business.

They have helped me break down complex issues into bite-sized manageable pieces, focusing my thoughts and helping me plan out the steps I need to take in my business. As a result I now have a clear focus on my pricing and have started to engage and interact with social media platforms in a very different way. This has led to engagement, not just with customers, but also with other business owners who offer support and mutually-beneficial services.

I intend to stay a member as I am learning so much and the real beauty of it is that I can do it at a time that suits me, at my own pace and in a way that is relevant to my business. Thank you! X

Mel Brain
The Brainy Baker

Using Claire’s various groups and courses, I can truthfully say that I now have an overarching plan for how I need to market my patchwork & quilting classes; I regularly review the money, set goals and targets and am generally behaving much more like a proper businesswoman!

This year I have been tracking my income and realise that I need to put my prices up. I can do this with confidence because I know what I offer and the value that it has, I am marketing my business more regularly and in turn that is impacting upon my visibility – which is in turn making me confident that the prices I will be charging are fair and reasonable – for both parties. I have learnt so much. I am continuing to grow and develop my business. thanks, Claire Mitchell

Sheena Robert
Green Man Quilts

Claire’s Awesome Marketing Planner has made me feel so motivated & has really helped to structure my crafty whirlwind mind into some sort of organisation! I love it.

Also, the buddy thread is working so well. I have the best ‘buddy’ – we’ve planned to Skype weekly & check in with each other every evening! It’s all thanks to Claire xx

Lindsey Waterson
Mrs Belle’s Boutique

I am a maker. I craft as I breathe. Never thought before meeting ‪Claire that what I do could be turned into an awesome business.

I studied marketing back at Uni almost 20 years ago, then I went to a different direction but still I know lots about marketing. I can tell Claire is the best at it! I am using her awesome marketing planner which is brilliant. My craft business is almost ready to start and I know perfectly who my super customer will be, I know exactly want I want from my business. I know my targets and numbers. That’s because of the planner. Also (and the most brilliant part of all) I am part of this big community ‪Claire founded. Big support, plenty of lovely ladies with awesome business in mind.

Thank you so much ‪Claire! You spared me a life in accountancy. I really really love you and what you do xxx

Piera Migliorelli
Think Wool Design

After a gloomy start to the year & feeling demotivated about my business I decided that I would buy The Awesome Business Planner.

Since using it I am being more organised in my social media posting & have been surpassing my personally set sales targets. I am feeling excited to see where my business will go this year with the continued use of the planner as well as the support of the Facebook group & planner portal & we are only in February!

Gemma Brown
Hello Pickle!

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